Friday, 7 August 2009

Space Hulk take 3?

Back in the day I used to play a lot of Space Hulk. And I mean a lot. That and Tyranid Attack were the beginning of my foray into GW. Simple to understand, great minis (well, the genestealers, not the terminators particularly) and quick to play, they got me hooked from far too early an age.

I didn't bother with the Second Edition, despite the fact the minis were much better than the First Edition, because the rules were simplified far too much (similar to the 3rd Edition 40K rules I believe) and also due to the fact I was still enjoying the expansions - Deathwing and Genestealer.

Now it seems that the rumour on the grapevine is that a Third Edition of Space Hulk is being released. Whilst it's difficult to find the fact amongst the fiction in the rumours, the basics will be the same but some are suggesting there will be 2 metal minis - a broodlord (or in my opinion, even better would be a genestealer patriarch - remember the version of one sitting on a throne?) and a Terminator Captain or librarian.

Some of the rumours (and I think this is where it gets a little far fetched) have suggested that the new edition will include 3D terrain. The implications of making this are tremendous and far too much for a £50 boxed set. Aside from 3D doors (which were the classic card and base in the original), I doubt we will be seeing a 3D space hulk anytime soon. The picture below is of a 3D Space Hulk board and it's huge, each square had to be 2"x2" in order to allow for the new size terminators and genestealers.

What this whole rumour (and I hope it's true) seems to suggest is that there is a huge market for the old board games that GW used to make. From Man O' War (of which I've already written about) to Warhammer Quest and Tyranid Attack, these games provided an exciting and worthwhile aside from the main systems. It is a shame GW felt the need to stop these.

The final rumour I've heard which is of the most concern is that the Third Edition of Space Hulk may be limited edition and there might not be enough to go around. If this is the case, whilst being a clever marketing ploy by the GW, they should understand that there will be many, many gamers, myself included, who will be desperate to get their hands on this new edition and they will have to face a demanding public if there are not enough published!

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  1. Spoke to a guy at a local GW today and he said that the reveal of the mystery box will take place this Monday and that there will be an email from GW on Monday morning also telling all.
    Can't wait!


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