Sunday, 11 January 2009

Epic Armageddon

I've taken a break from the Salamanders for a moment to consider where I'm going with them. With Gw being all about Apocalypse at the moment, and me not having the money, space or time to play an Apocalypse game, I've been thinking about how to push into campaign play whilst being able to have an Apocalypse style game. My solution? Epic Armageddon (EA)! I've dug out a copy of Epic 40000 (ebay is great for old GW games) and starting painting up a Space Marine force (and an Ork one waiting in the aisles) which can be inserted into a campaign to enable a huge meeting of armies. Forgeworld have some brilliant Epic minis which I will add in the future to the current force. Whilst the new 40k stompa looks great, logistically I've not the patience to paint it (nor the necessary paints) or the space to store one of them, but with EA I've got 3 already and a gargant on the way. Similarly, I'm keeping a good eye on ebay for a SM titan, either a warlord or warhound titan. It's quite refreshing to be modelling in 6mm scale because even my humble 4'x4' gaming table enables a huge amount of epic troops. The differing ruleset to EA is also good - it's taken me a good few weeks to understand exactly how it all works (the post on BOLS was invaluable) and a few practice games have shown me the basics (and some glaring tactical errors on my part!).
Rumours from WD have recently mentioned a way of using the Mighty Empires set for 40k which would be great for my campaign thoughts. I'm looking at a potential Eldar army to add to my Epic minis because of the superb titans available (and will also be a substitute for my 40k Eldar army). My fiancee labelled me a 'whore-hammer' the other day for dipping in and out of so many GW games - but in my defence, there is method in my madness.
I've also been scouring the internet for any local gaming groups, but there don't appear to be any. Does anyone know of any way of finding them?

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