Sunday, 21 February 2010

Epic Armageddon Space Marine Army Almost Finished

Here are some pictures of my EA Space Marine army which is almost finished. The pictures don't seem to show it too well but there is shading and highlighting on the minis - honest! The longest task were the shoulder trims but they unify the army (aside from the obvious yellow). 'Why Imperial Fists?' you might ask, no other reason than there was a guide to painting them in the Epic 40,000 boxed game and I've never painted up an Imperial Fists army.

With the various upgrades, this force comes out at 3175 points (using the standard SM list on the GW website). It gives me 8 activations each turn in a game of Epic Armageddon which is good enough to react and adapt to most situations.

As can be seen in the image above, I have yet to finish the vindicators and obviously, the bases of the troops need to be flocked. I'm undecided as to whether to base the tanks. It will avoid unnecessary wear and tear but I like the tanks as they are at the moment, so I'll decide at a later date.

The assault formation has some simple conversions using paper clip wire to lift some of the marines off their bases.

I've yet to play an Apocalypse game and whilst if the opportunity arose, I would not say no, the sheer amount of troops that you can field in an EA game more than make up for the lack of Apocalypse games (and it's considerably cheaper!).

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Cityfight Battle Report: Salamanders vs Eldar

Captain - boltgun, hellfire rounds, artificer armour and power sword
Chaplain - melta bombs and jump pack
Terminator squad
Dreadnought - extra armour
Tactical squad - flamer and missile launcher
Fast Attack
Assault squad - sergeant has thunder hammer and storm shield

Farseer - singing spear, spirit stone, runes of witnessing, doom and guide
Dire Avengers - exarch has power weapon, shimmershield and bladestorm
Howling Banshees - exarch has executioner, war shout and acrobat
Striking Scorpions
Fire Dragons - exarch has firepike
Fast Attack
Swooping Hawks
Heavy Support
Dark Reapers

The mission was domination which meant the player controlling the most ruins by the end of the game would be the winner.

The Space Marines took the first turn and moved into the ruins to lay their claim. There were five potential objective ruins and the marines held two of them as a result of their first turn. The terrain was so dense there was nothing for the marines to shoot at. On the left, the chaplain-led assault squad pushed forward, spying the banshees in front of them.

The reapers and the rangers moved into better firing positions, supported by the farseer. The banshees moved towards the assault squad supported by the Striking Scorpions and the Dire Avengers moved through the centre of the ruins towards the middle of the board.

Turn two saw the terminators deep strike into the midst of the Eldar line. They fired ten shots from their storm bolters at the dark reapers and yet none fell. The assault squad charged into the banshees killing two of them for only one loss. On the right, the dreadnought and the Space Marine captain moved towards the fire dragons.
In the Eldar turn, the dire avengers unleashed a devastating fusillade helped by the fact the farseer had successfully doomed the terminator squad and yet only two of the elites fell. The Striking Scorpions charged the assault squad to help the banshees and managed to wipe out three marines, but lost two in return.

The Swooping Hawks entered play by deep striking near to the Space Marine Captain and the dreadnought. They fired off their lasguns and managed to wound the leader.

In turn three, the terminators fire upon, and then charged into the Dire Avengers, slaughtering them and causing them to break and flee. The combined might of the banshees and the scorpions brought down the chaplain leaving just the assault squad sergeant.

The Swooping Hawks were wiped out by combined bolter fire from the tactical squad. The farseer cast doom on the terminators again and then guide on the rangers. This, with the withering fire from the reapers wiped out what remained of the squad.

The Fire Dragons managed to score three glancing hits on the dreadnought and destroyed its multi-melta and immobilised it, rendering it useless. The squad was then charged by the captain and wiped out.

The reapers targeted the tactical squad killing three, despite the 4+ cover save and the rest of the squad were wiped out by the remaining banshees.

As turn six drew to a close, victory went to the Eldar who held three of the five potential objectives. The Space Marines had been all but wiped out.

The game was really fun, despite the Eldar army being fragile, they managed to hold up some of the key Space Marine units and the ability of the farseer to doom units, and help other with guide, was invaluable. The banshees are brilliant, their low strength of 3 is offset by their power weapons. I still need to figure out how to use Swooping Hawks more effectively. My aim was to use them to assault the dreadnought to make use of their haywire grenades, but they were wiped out before they got the chance.

Having never played a cityfight scenario before, but having played Necromunda and Mordheim, I wasn't sure how the dense scenery would impact on the game, but made the game much more intense and the troops longer lasting!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

WIP Buildings

I can't help myself - flitting from one project to the next. First it was Eldar Guardians, then Empire flagellants, Night Goblins and now Warhammer/Mordheim scenery. I guess it keeps me on my toes but I'm getting a pile of half completed minis which I will have to get some closure on soon.

After scrutinising the Mordheim scenery I have (from the boxed game), I decided on a mock-tudor house design with one half of the house open. I toyed with the idea of keeping the lower floor open but it posed too many problems.

The walls are made from foamcard with lollypop sticks (broken and aged) for the beams. I've been using Copydex glue to hold everything together which is very strong but it does leave a yellow stain. Hopefully this will disappear with the paint job.

I'm planning to order some accessories from Antenociti's Workshop ( which is based in Shropshire and have a great range of items for scratch-building scenery. I'm looking to buy crates, barrels, windows etc. etc. to make the scenery that more authentic. I did look into purchasing some Hirst Arts moulds but I lack the confidence to assume they will come out as I want them!

The plan is to finish another building and then paint them up (using some simple washes and drybrushing techniques from Town Cryer). I will post a Mordheim battle report with these in action when I find the time (and an opponent) to do so.

Rather alarmingly, whilst being a bit of a GW fanboy, I've been interested in the Flames of War articles on BoLS. I'm not sure I could afford to start yet another army (and since I've got Epic Armageddon to ease my tank battle cravings) but the premise of the game seems solid and fun. We shall see.
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