Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Assault Squad and Salamanders' Army

Here are the finished assault squad I was painting up. Used a thunder hammer and storm shield from an old terminator for the sergeant (actually a terminator I bought for the original Space Hulk!). Armed another of the SMs with a plasma pistol. Never used one of them before so it will be interesting to see if they're worth it.

Here is my Salamanders army as it stands and it's only taken a year to get to this point! Honnestly though, despite being a collector for years, I have rarely ever got around to completely painting an army but determination, and this blog (as well as the helpful comments from readers) have helped to spur me on. I also feel my painting skills have improved (obviously still have much to learn!).

The list for the above is as follows:

HQ: Space Marine Captain - boltgun, power sword, artificer armour, hellfire rounds

ELITES: Terminator (x5)

ELITES: Dreadnought - extra armour

TROOPS: Tactical squad (x10) - flamer, missile launcher, sgt. has chainsword and melta bombs

FAST ATTACK: Assault squad (x5) - plasma pistol, thunder hammer, storm shield, melta bombs

I've got another tactical squad to add, a command squad (an old Blood Angels' Honour Guard with the iconography removed) and a chaplain to lead the assault squad (which I'm going to work on next).

Since this is the first 'proper' Space Marine army I've collected, I'm not really sure what I need to add to the list. I was thinking about the ubiquitious rhino but then what?

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  1. Your salamanders army is exactly the same as mine. I don't know what to get next though. I'm thinking about another tactical squad. What about you?


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