Thursday, 25 September 2008

Assault on Black Reach Playtest

Just played my first game using the contents of AoBR and the new 40k rulebook. My overarching experience are the sheer amount of special rules to remember. I'm sure that there weren't that many in the 2nd Edition!
I was facing the Orks in the scenario from the WD345 and I made rather too many 'schoolboy errors' leading to a rather poor defeat. I had no idea about the 'turbo booster' rule that the deffcopters have allowing them to move 24" and gain a 3+ cover save in the next turn! Bah. Nor did I realise the effectiveness of being able to run in the shooting phase if units forfeit shooting (essentially allowing a fleet roll). The Orks were upon me by turn 2 leading to some unnecessary casualties. The terminators pulled through, however, smashing the Nobz apart (hooray for power fists and s8 attacks!).
I also neglected to remember the 'And They Shall Know No Fear' special rule for Space Marines leading to my Commander falling back and being cut down by the Ork Warboss. Bah.
I haven't played a proper game of 40k for so long I'd completely forgotten the basics! It was much fun though, especially using my newly painted Salamanders for the first time.
I will endeavour to get my revenge when I can, and once I've finished painting the terminators. Then I can tackle the Commander. With green armour, I'm not sure what cloak he should have. The Ultramarine paint scheme is white and red but I'm not sure if that will work with a Salamander leader. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Assault on Black Reach

Got my hands on the new 40k box set (on the day of its release surprisingly) and what an immense set. Without a doubt, the greatest set GW have released (Battle for Skull pass obviously outdoes its 40k counterpart due to the number of models, but not it terms of minis) simply due to the detail of the models. Not only are the rules included, but the two armies are a great starter for anyone. Whilst it has taken an age to prepare the minis for painting, it's going to be worth it!
I've decided to paint the marines as Salamanders, mainly because I've had enough of painting Blood Angels. I'm using snot green as a base with a thraka green wash and a highlight of scorpion green. Still getting to grips with the new inks - do you wash the entire model with the ink or just the recesses that you want to be shaded? I'm sure that I'll find out through trial and error.
My only gripe with the new boxed set is the lack of a playable campaign in the rules, but I guess the White Dwarf campaign will make up for it.
The photos below are of the Salamanders in progress.

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