Saturday, 25 June 2011

Storm of Magic Advance Orders

Just put in my advance order for the new Storm of Chaos book and the 'while stocks last' items currently on the website.

The book looks rather impressive - 152 full colour pages - with new rules and background. It'll be interesting to see how it takes off what with all of the new monstrous creatures.

I've been impressed with the GW's magic cards (still waiting for the Vampire Counts ones though!) and these look to be of similar quality. Since they're 'while stocks last', they're bound to go quickly.

Still to find out exactly how these will be used but with the sheer amount of calamitous magic sure to be unleashed in a Storm of Magic game, these vortices will certainly come in handy.

The GW website was remarkable slow this morning and it took me two attempts to make a purchase. Hopefully the money GW make from this might ensure the Warhammer Quest re-release dream is realised (ever the optimist). Looking forward to July 8th when the Storm of Magic is released. Better paint up some more wizards.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Warhammer Quest Mystery Box?

This is me laying my cards down.

The rumours have begun about the possibility of a new mystery box release for October (in the Space Hulk 3rd Edition vein). The rumours are obviously sketchy at the moment but from what I've read, it's basically a two horse race between Blood Bowl and Warhammer Quest.

The most obvious choice would be a 25th Anniversary edition of Blood Bowl which would be ok but, and here's the crux of it, what's the point? It's still available on the GW website. Anyone who wants it can shell out £51.50 for a copy of an excellent game.

However, I'm throwing my weight behind a re-release of Warhammer Quest. It is a completely self contained game (unlike Blood Bowl which has teams which need to be purchased) and whilst I know there were add-ons back in the day, the same could be said for Space Hulk, and GW managed to include the best bits from Deathwing and Genestealer in the 3rd edition. Furthermore, Warhammer Quest is a more desired and sought after game. Anyone in their right mind wants a copy of the game. Whilst I never played it, I did waste many years playing HeroQuest, which is a 'lite' version of Warhammer Quest.

Games Workshop, I hope you've done the right thing. I know an anniversary edition is lovely and all, but I hope beyond hope that it's Warhammer Quest which we can expect in October. I know it's more work and more money etc. etc. but it will restore the faith of everyone back in your company if you do the right thing.

And to return to the point I made at the beginning, why re-release a game which anyone can currently buy from the GW website? How are you going to make us yearn for a copy if we can get it anyway?

Friday, 3 June 2011

Necromunda and the glorious 1990s

Had another spending spree on eBay recently and came away with some fondly remembered minis from the great and glorious 1990s.

First up is a real steal, the limited edition Kal Jerico (limited to 500 castings) which I will spend as much time as possible painting to do it justice.

Next purchase is Karloth Valois. I remember when this was released back in the 1990s and liked the model but thought little of it. Now it's no longer available, it seems much more desirable!

Finally, a gang I have always like the look of, and all the background, but never got round to buying, the Redemptionists.

I'm not quite sure how/if I'll try the flames on their cloaks. I fear that they'll be ruined if I attempt it and it fails.

This spending spree brings me back to a favourite topic of mine - the glorious 1990s. The Games Workshop, whilst still a small company compared to what they are nowadays, were churning out some truly brilliant games. Necromunda, Mordheim, Man O War, Space Hulk, Space Marine (or Epic 40,000 depending on the year) to name but a few. Perhaps the reason I keep collecting and playing these games is because it reminds me of a simpler time (was there anything bad about the '90s?!) or perhaps because they are just really fun games to play with well written and thought through rules. The supplements were worth the money too and really added worthwhile rules, minis and concepts to already great games (Genestealer, Deathwing, Outlanders, Deathzone etc. etc.).

I've been reading various rumour sites recently too and I wonder if GW are preparing another splash release (in the same vein as Space Hulk's 3rd edition) which, if my understanding is correct, could be Warhammer Quest. I didn't quite realise it, but the game which I spend many a long evening playing, HeroQuest, and the add-ons like Kellar's Keep and Against the Ogre Horde, was the basis of Warhammer Quest. With the GW teasing us with images of the latest Warhammer supplement, Storm of Magic, it stands to reason that they might want to make another quick buck by pushing a limited release of Warhammer Quest. I still have no idea how much they made from the latest Space Hulk, I hope it was a lot, so that they make the right decision and continue down this route!

Perhaps this is another pipe dream, reminiscing about the great games which GW have published over the years, and yearning for them to continue re-publishing them, but maybe, just maybe, this one will come true? I guess I'll get back to my Redemptionists then.
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