Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Salamander Terminators

Here are some photos of the Salamander terminators I've just finished. It took a lot less time than I thought which is good for keeping me motivated. I've started on an assault squad and a command squad to add to my growing army. The command squad is an old Blood Angels Honour Guard squad from a few years ago which should work fine (as long as I can remove the BA imagery from the marines). Then it'll be time to start on some vehicles.

Monday, 8 December 2008


Here are some photos of the Salamanders I've been working on. I'm pretty pleased with the results although it is frustrating that so much time is spent detailing the chests, only for them to be covered by the weaponry. At least I know it's been done.

I'm going to make a start on the terminator squad from the AoBR set to add to these troops. I'm also strangely enjoying painting these models at the moment - smaller squads are the way forward.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Painting: Redux

So I've started painting in earnest again after a break of a few weeks. My enthusaism in this area really does come in fits and starts. I'm currently painting up the contents of the AoBR set. I've decided to paint them as Salamanders (breaking a habit of a lifetime as all my other Space Marines are Blood Angels). I thought it would be easier to paint and highlight green rather than red and overall, I'm finding the painting of Space Marines a much better affair than usual. Since my painting skills aren't the best, lots of flat armour doesn't suit me well because it's difficult to drybrush or extreme-highlight. I'm doing my best.
Most of the tactical squad is done and some of the dreadnought. Then I'll tackle the Captain (without trying to make him look too 'Christmassy' - green armour, red cloak) and finally the terminators.
I'm still getting to grips with the foundation paints and the new washes, but they appear to be working well and are generally making the job a whole lot easier. Thankfully, WD have been printing a lot of painting advice, as well as adding new content to the website to help which is exactly what I need. I'm not sure I'll ever have the confidence to paint something without a guide because more often that not, it'll go wrong!
I was thinking about my aim in painting yet another new army, and I've decided that within a year, I'll enter a tournament to try my hand at something new. Whilst this does put pressure on what little painting skill I have, it'll be worth it to be working towards a goal, and try and win some games in the process. But we'll wait and see.
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