Sunday, 1 May 2011

Planetary Empires

Whilst I've not posted here for a while, I have kept the hobby going. Managed to get in a few more games of Necromunda (more Underhive News to come!), two games of 8th ed. Warhammer using the contents of the Island of Blood box as well as my almost complete, and painted, Vampire Counts army (which is awesome, by the way).

I also bought a copy of Planetary Empires to use in an upcoming campaign. Quite an interesting set and should be interesting to paint up. It'll be a change from Vampire Counts at least.

I've been reading Horus Rising and False Gods and, you guessed it, I've taken an interest in Pre-Heresy armies, particularly the Luna Wolves. The Great Crusade website site a great resource for all things 30k and I'm contemplating a Luna Wolves force run as Space Wolves; cost and time will be the deciding factors.

I received no reply from the Games Workshop re: out of print games which is a shame but we'll see if they 'do-another-Space-Hulk' this year or the next.

I'll post some pictures soon of things I've been working on, but for the moment, it's taking all my willpower not to spend far too much money on some Pre-Heresy goodies on the ForgeWorld website.
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