Monday, 17 August 2009

Space Hulk Revealed

So it's finally been revealed. Possibly the worst kept secret, but it's what everyone's been expecting and it looks awesome.

The one issue? Strictly limited edition. And aren't they going to be worth something in a few years!

12 Terminators including a librarian and 23 genestealers including a broodlord. The fluff on the GW website says there are deadend tunnels too - I wonder if there's going to be an element of surprise (similar to Heroquest) where the full layout of the map isn't revealed straight away. Not entirely sure how that would work without a gamesmaster but we'll wait and see.

The minis look awesome, the board is similar to the old editions - let's just hope the rules are like the 1st edition and not the 2nd.

I've already pre-ordered mine - I suggest you all do the same.

Now, where's my cup for those command points...

1 comment:

  1. Went into my local GW today and they said they'll be receiveing a copy of the game on THursday so hopefully will have more pics then!


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