Thursday, 27 August 2009

Salamanders' Chaplain

Here are some photos of the Salamanders' Chaplain which was really fun to paint. Normally I find small details difficult to paint consistently, but the model looks great and so this didn't bother me. Tried a few different painting methods (using some of the techniques listed in WD357, namely the shoulder pad and the crozius arcanum) which seem to have worked well and the washes were invaluable for the many scrolls.

The Chaplain will lead my assault squad and with all the special rules he comes with, the squad assaults with 14 attacks, with re-rolls for failed hits, 6 of which ignore armour saves and the squad is fearless. Brilliant!


  1. First off, lovely model. I love Chappies and always appreciate a good paint job. I generally struggle with the black armour but you have done really well.

    For my second point, I think your maths is off. A standard Assault Marine comes with 1 base attack, +1 for extra close combat weapon, +1 on the charge. You have 5 Marines so that is 15 attacks on the charge (16 if one is a Sergeant - 2 base attacks), +4 from the Chaplain on the charge (2 base, +1 for extra close comabt weaponon, +1 on the charge) for a potential 20 hits (with re-rolls for litanies of hate). Give the Sergeant a power weapon and you have 8 ignoring armour save hits (4 from the Seargeant on the charge, 4 from the Chappie on the charge), and you are fearless.

    I agree it is an awesome combo which is whay on massive games I run 3 Chappies. A normal one, a Terminator Armoured one, and an Assault Pack one.

    The key is getting the charge off and not being charged (you won't get litanies of hate).

    You might want to try to bump the Assault squad to 10 men - I used to run 5 but found they were getting chumped before making it into combat, or not winning combat because they couldn't assault a small enough unit to be truly effective. I now run 10 so can lose a few on the approach into a target, and unless I am going for a ridiculous sized unit (ie brood of Gaunts or mob of Boyz) I can generally dish out enough smack to win the combat.

  2. Thanks for the advice and comments. You're right, my maths is terrible (although, thinking about it now, the unit has 19 attacks on the charge because the sergeant has a thunder hammer and storm shield (3 attacks)).
    I've been thinking about a 10 man squad - my only reservation was 'putting all my eggs in one basket' but I guess their ability to weather the advance as a 10 man unit is worth it. Would you recommend that as opposed to two 5 man squads?
    If you look at my previous post with the army list, I think I need a vehicle or two - I can't decide between a predator and a vindicator (as well as a rhino).

  3. Definately take the 10 man squad unless you have something to support both 5 man assault units (ideally flank a squad up each side with a supporting unit to draw fire and then pincer) but in my opinion 5 man Assault units are too fragile. I played last night with my 10 squaddies and only 7 made it to combat as my opponent correctly prioritised them as high and blatted them for two turns - if this had been a 5 man unit they would be at below half strength, random luck would have assigned one of the kills to the Sergeant, and the 2 remaining chumps would more than likely be fleeing.

    As far as vehicles go I have both the Vindicator and the Pred (no Rhino but I have a Whirlwind which I can swap out the turret for the Rhino hatch) and love them both to bits. I use each vehicle as needed - ie tight packed high armour save units I will take the Vindicator but it needs protecting and good sight lines. Otherwise its the Pred simply for the amount of fire it can dish out (2 Auto cannon, 6 Heavy Bolter and 2 Storm Bolter - most non-marine armies won't be getting saves other than cover based on the AP value of the weapons) and the range it has (minimum 24 on the Storm Bolter) - and its relatively cheap and survivable. Again it is all about sight lines. Ideally take both - I can get them both in 1,250 and 1,500 point lists.

    Transports are a definite necessity. Whack a Tac squad in one and send it up a flank with an Assault squad (keeping the Assault squad in cover behind the Rhino). When you hit their lines you jump the Squaddies out and gat either a large unit and follow it up with the Assault lads, or target one unit and push the Assault lads at a second unit. Rapid firing Bolt Guns and maybe a flamer will mess up most things, plus you have the Assualt squads pistols. Support both units with some long range Pred fire and have some other units following up to assist in the mop up and your set.

    Key points - don't go in unsupported, hug cover, remember the game objectives (ie capture the point, hold objectives, annihiliation). If your holding objectives, Rhino rush one and park the Squaddies on top and hold the Assault unit back for a counter charge or to flush out another objective.


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