Monday, 27 July 2009

Ork Overload

Just a few bits and bobs. I bought a few Epic Armageddon pieces from ebay including an Ork Gargant and two gunfortresses. This has taken my Epic Ork army to 2500 points, which will prove useful for the Planetary Empires campaign I intend to run.

The red gunge on the gargant is the basecoat leftover from the previous owner (and apparantly gallons of superglue!). I used white spirit and nail varnish remover to get rid of most of it but the corners and nooks have proved difficult, as you can see. Thankfully, the gunfortresses only had a white undercoat, which will be must easier to paint over.

The other thing I've done (inbetween holidays) is to prepare some Ork nobz in mega-armour. This was the first attempt at pinning metal minis and it seems to have been successful - the proof will be once I've painted and then glued them. I plan to use this technique with other 'heavy' metal minis (old chaos knights etc.).

I'm now really looking forward to getting my hands on the new Planetary Empires set - 40k campaigns ahoy!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Empire state troops

I've taken a break from painting 40k recently to focus on the multitude of unfinished Warhammer armies I have. There are over 1000 points of an Empire, Chaos and Dwarf armies waiting in boxes. That's one of my flaws: impulse buying. Here are some pictures of the Empire troops I've painted up.

All the new Planetstrike releases, and in particular the new Planetary Empires expansion, are turning my mind back towards 40k. The scope for in-depth campaigns are simply limitless if the Planetary Empires expansion is combined with Cities of Death and Apocalypse. Whilst I don't have enough to host an Apocalypse game, it would be rude not to play a few games of Epic: Armageddon.
I've been looking on ebay to pick up a copy of Battlefleet Gothic (I've already downloaded the living rulebook from the GW website) to get hold of a good number of ships. This would, again, lend itself to the Planetstrike campaign.
I'll be interested to see how others use the new Planetstrike rules and the campaigns which ensue.
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