Friday, 21 August 2009

Salamanders' dreadnought

In the midst of all the Space Hulk excitement, I managed to make the time to finish painting up the dreadnought from Assault on Black Reach.

I quite enjoy painting up vehicles and large creatures - they don't seem to take as long and the details are easier to paint!

Also did a small conversion for my second tactical squad. I want to make the sergeant stand out so I'm giving him a storm bolter and a power fist. Since being equipped with a power fist doesn't confer any extra attacks with another close combat weapon, it seems a waste to merely leave him with a bolt pistol.

All I did for the conversion was to take a bolt pistol arm from the tactical squad sprue and chop of the bolt pistol. I then took a storm bolter from one of the AoBR terminators and took that off and attached them. The only other issue was that the ammo feed pointed in towards the body (it was from the right arm of the terminator and this was on the left arm of the sergeant) so one quick slice later and some glue re-attached it the right way around.

Currently have an assault squad, command squad and tactical squad to finish. By the time that's done, Space Hulk will be released and I will be reverting to Blood Angels.

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