Thursday, 7 August 2008

Eldar army list

Still painting the Dire Avengers, they're taking much longer than I thought - I think I need to learn the benefits of speed painting.
In the mean time, this is a rough army list for the Eldar army I'm creating, based on what I have at the moment.

Singing Spear, Rune of Witnessing, Spirit Stones, Doom, Guide

Striking Scorpions (x5)
inc. Exarch with scorpion's claw, shadowstrike

Fire Dragons (x5)
inc. Exarch with firepike, crack shot, tank hunter

Dire Avengers (x10)
inc. Exarch, power weapon and shimmershield, defend

Swooping Hawks (x5)

Warp Spiders (x5)
inc. Exarch with additional death spinner, powerblades, surprise assault, withdraw

bright lance, shuriken cannon

Dark Reapers (x3)

Total: 999

Not sure how this will fare in games and I'll have to split the Dire Avengers into two groups of five in order to make the list legal. With the changes in the new 40k rulebook, this is seriously lacking in 'troops' which will have to be remedied. Some jetbikes, guardians and rangers should sort that out.
Best get painting.

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