Friday, 8 August 2008

Assault on Black Reach

Just seen the picture for the new 40k boxed set and it looks unbelievable. I thought that the GW was being generous with the Warhammer boxed set, 'Battle for Skull Pass' with over 100 minatures, compared to the 'Battle for Macragge' (which had about 30), but they have really outdone themselves with the contents of the new boxed set.

A full tactical squad, teminator squad, commander and a dreadnought! And three deffcopters! Regardless of whether I like either army, that is a must purchase for only £40. I wrote to the GW only a few months ago complaining about the price rises (£40 for Vampire Counts Blood Knights was one of many examples) and whilst I would love to think they've taken on board the comments, they must have found a cheaper way to mass produce the minatures for this boxed set. Which is great.
Perhaps this means another foray into a Space Marine army (of which I've started a few, but never had the patience to finish them - they seem so dull in comparison to the other option in 40k)? Or a brand new Ork army? More likely, they'll be cannon fodder for the Eldar army I'm concentrating on at the moment.
The Dire Avengers are almost finished so I'll post some images of them for closer scrutiny soon.

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