Sunday, 17 May 2009

Wave Serpent and Eldar army so far...

Managed to blitz the wave serpent today. Strange what you can do when you put your mind to something. I'm finding yellow a very difficult colour to paint, and the main reason I started an Iyanden army was because I thought yellow would be easy to shade and highlight. Tried a slightly different approach to the colour for the wave serpent: iyanden darksun - baal red (shade) - golden yellow - sunburst yellow - bad moon yellow (yes I still have some!). The black I highlighted with astronomicon grey, it is quite difficult to see, however, not sure what to add to the black underside to make it stand out more. I haven't glued the missile launchers just yet - still unsure whether to paint up all of the weapon options and using some of the magnets I read so much about to secure them to the turret.

Also taken some pictures of my current painted Eldar army. I've still got guardians, striking scorpions with Karandras, warp spiders, swooping hawks and dark reapers left to do. Lots of late nights ahead!

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