Monday, 11 May 2009

Eldar Farseer

After my attempt at the carnifex and the Howling Banshees, I emailed BOLS about painting large areas of flat colour and avoiding the drybrush effect (which looks rather rough and unfinshed). Thanks to Jay from BOLS who replied with no less than a step by step guide to painting an Eldar Guardian's helmet! Since I was slightly bored of painting many guardians, I decided on a farseer to lead my fledgling Eldar army and the results are below. I attempted some blending and I'm really pleased with the cloak (I know some may be surprised at the colour scheme, but I think it works) and the inside trim (blue, to match the Iyanden theme for the rest of the army). I still can't effectively paint gems, but I guess that'll be the next area to concentrate on to improve this further.

Any comments and advice would be much appreciated. Once I've finished the Guardians, I've recently bought a Wave Serpent to tackle which I hope won't look too garish with the Iyanden scheme. I'm going to use the yellow effect from the Ork Nob in WD351 (tausept ochre - golden yellow - skull white) and see how it turns out.

1 comment:

  1. Post up that step-by-step for the helmet for the good of Eldar everywhere! Let the shame of poorly painted helmets be swallowed up the warp!! Or just help us with our painting :)


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