Saturday, 25 June 2011

Storm of Magic Advance Orders

Just put in my advance order for the new Storm of Chaos book and the 'while stocks last' items currently on the website.

The book looks rather impressive - 152 full colour pages - with new rules and background. It'll be interesting to see how it takes off what with all of the new monstrous creatures.

I've been impressed with the GW's magic cards (still waiting for the Vampire Counts ones though!) and these look to be of similar quality. Since they're 'while stocks last', they're bound to go quickly.

Still to find out exactly how these will be used but with the sheer amount of calamitous magic sure to be unleashed in a Storm of Magic game, these vortices will certainly come in handy.

The GW website was remarkable slow this morning and it took me two attempts to make a purchase. Hopefully the money GW make from this might ensure the Warhammer Quest re-release dream is realised (ever the optimist). Looking forward to July 8th when the Storm of Magic is released. Better paint up some more wizards.

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