Thursday, 19 August 2010

Vampire Count Skeletons

With all of the excitement surrounding the release of the 8th edition of Warhammer, I though it only appropriate that I jump on the bandwagon by attempting to paint up an Vampire Counts army. I've already got a unit of zombies completed and now a unit of 30 skeletons. Whilst it's not very original, I do like the red theme from the army book, so I decided to follow suit. I'm not brave enough to add a design to the banner yet - if anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate it!

I still struggled with highlighting large flat areas of colour (the red shields mainly) because the border between the colours seems too obvious. Whilst I should water down the paint and grade the colours more, with 30 rank and file skeletons, I didn't bother.

I've got the crypt ghouls, corpse cart and more zombies (from the battalion box) left to paint up as well as Vlad von Carstein and a winged vampire and some dire wolves. Choices, choices.

I'm debating whether to purchase the new Island of Blood box set when it's released on 4th September or whether to buy the Warhammer rulebook. I quite like the look of both the Skaven and High Elf armies in the set but I didn't even finish painting up the contents of Skull's Pass! Dilemma. I still have mountains of minis waiting to be painted, but I know that's not the exception but the rule amongst other gamers.

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