Saturday, 20 September 2008

Assault on Black Reach

Got my hands on the new 40k box set (on the day of its release surprisingly) and what an immense set. Without a doubt, the greatest set GW have released (Battle for Skull pass obviously outdoes its 40k counterpart due to the number of models, but not it terms of minis) simply due to the detail of the models. Not only are the rules included, but the two armies are a great starter for anyone. Whilst it has taken an age to prepare the minis for painting, it's going to be worth it!
I've decided to paint the marines as Salamanders, mainly because I've had enough of painting Blood Angels. I'm using snot green as a base with a thraka green wash and a highlight of scorpion green. Still getting to grips with the new inks - do you wash the entire model with the ink or just the recesses that you want to be shaded? I'm sure that I'll find out through trial and error.
My only gripe with the new boxed set is the lack of a playable campaign in the rules, but I guess the White Dwarf campaign will make up for it.
The photos below are of the Salamanders in progress.


  1. Progress looks good.

    I just found your site and wanted to say thanks for the link, I've added you to my site and feed as well.

    As far as the inks, I think you might do better to keep the ink in the recessed areas instead of all over but I'm not too sure about that.

  2. The pics, are they before or after the Scorpion Green highlight?

    They look "before." If so, could we get some pics post-highlight?

    If not, did the Scorpion Green come before or after the wash?

    And to answer your question, I do typically hit the whole model with the wash. Base coat, wash, highlight with thinned base color, second highlight with lighter color (armor edges and such).

  3. These are pictures of the marines before highlights. Currently inking and highlighting so will take more photos when that's done. Want to avoid making them look too much like Dark Angels so they have their own identity.


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