Tuesday 20 November 2012

Rise of the Salamanders

Managed to get a good few games of 6th ed. in with my fledgling Salamanders with varying degrees of success (well, no success). I've drawn and lost against Grey Knights, lost against Tau and been slaughtered by Dark Eldar. My current list is as follows (1500 pts):


Tactical squad w/ flamer and multi-melta

Tactical squad w/ meltagun and multi-melta

Terminator assault squad w/ thunder hammers and storm shields

Assault squad w/ thunder hammer and storm shield

Stormtalon w/ twin linked assault cannons and twin linked lascannons


Farseer w/ spirit stones, warding, witnessing, doom, guide, singing spear


Dark reapers

This is the list is lost with yesterday against Tau, although I was almost on the relic; if it had gone to another turn I could have snatched a victory. In a 2000pt game I'd add a rhino for one of the tactical squads and a land raider redeemer for the terminators and Vulcan. In the last 2000pt game against Grey Knights, I took more allies in the form of Dire Avengers and Fire Dragons (who took out a dreadknight!).

I'm not sure what to change or how to amend my tactics to be in with a chance of winning. Perhaps I'm concentrating too much on destroying enemy units rather than the objectives? I also wonder if I need more troops in order to claim those objectives?

Might have another game in a few weeks against Necrons who, so I've heard, are immensely hard in the new edition. Is it worth taking a redeemer against them? Or should I invest in some devastators? The Dark Reapers have been great so with the doom/guide combination but they're all wiped out by turn two because they're seen as such a threat. Keeps the guns away from my other units I suppose.

Any advice and guidance would be much appreciated and I'll post some picture up of the army ask stands in the next couple of days.

Monday 30 July 2012

Epic Armageddon and Specialist Games update

It's been rather a long time since an update for various life related reasons which need not be mentioned here. As a result, I've rather neglected 'the hobby', but I'm pleased to be back with a vengeance. I'm mooting joining a gaming club (which I've never done before) so that I don't have to rely on the odd one or two friends who fancy a game so I can get some regular experience. With that in mind, I've purchased the Forgeworld book Monsterous Arcanum and the rather spectacular warpfire dragon. I'm going for a dark purple colour scheme with very few colours otherwise, just some extreme highlights. Considering it's a resin/plastic hybrid, it came together very easliy. I greenstuffed the gaps and undercoated it black. It has currently had a few washes of naggaroth night. I will update when I've taken the time to do more!

In other news, I have now managed to purchase my own copy of Warhammer Quest (after months of deliberating!). I was also surprised, and rather pleased, at finding all three treasure packs inside (something not mentioned on the listing). I think I could open up my own Specialist Games shop now that I'm the proud owner of this, along with Necromunda, Warhammer Quest, Space Hulk (1st and 3rd editions), Dreadfleet and Mordheim.

My current flight of fancy is Epic Armageddon and I'm building up a good collection of Eldar and Space Marines. I have recently purchased the Forgeworld Epic Warhound titans and will show some images once I've assembled them and given them a coat of paint.

A you can see from the images, the troops are mostly accounted for - I now need to build up the vehicles. What you can't see in the images above are the Forgeworld wave serpents which will be transports for either the guardians or some of the aspect hosts. I hope to update much more regularly now, as long as my searches for Epic Tyranids don't bankrupt me!

Saturday 25 June 2011

Storm of Magic Advance Orders

Just put in my advance order for the new Storm of Chaos book and the 'while stocks last' items currently on the website.

The book looks rather impressive - 152 full colour pages - with new rules and background. It'll be interesting to see how it takes off what with all of the new monstrous creatures.

I've been impressed with the GW's magic cards (still waiting for the Vampire Counts ones though!) and these look to be of similar quality. Since they're 'while stocks last', they're bound to go quickly.

Still to find out exactly how these will be used but with the sheer amount of calamitous magic sure to be unleashed in a Storm of Magic game, these vortices will certainly come in handy.

The GW website was remarkable slow this morning and it took me two attempts to make a purchase. Hopefully the money GW make from this might ensure the Warhammer Quest re-release dream is realised (ever the optimist). Looking forward to July 8th when the Storm of Magic is released. Better paint up some more wizards.
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